PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 2

PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 2

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The PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 2 equips teachers with accurate and robust assessment tools to identify students' instructional or independent reading levels. The resource offers a complete literacy assessment, allowing teachers to conduct reading records to effectively capture students' progress in reading fluency, retelling abilities and comprehension within and beyond the text. The enhanced PM Benchmark resource has been trialled extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 1 contains:

  • Pre-Level 1 Screening: Assess a student's literacy competencies in areas of oral literacy, phonological awareness and concepts about print
  • New Books and Cards: 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction text per level
  • Post-Level 30 Assessment Cards: Extend fluent readers with assessment that focuses on writing and deep comprehension skills
  • Reading Assessment Records: A new, clean pro forma layout to capture students' literacy progression
  • Procedure Cards: Detailed instructions to implement a consistent, whole-school approach to literacy assessment
  • Teachers' Resource Book: Learn best-practice research on how to carry out benchmark assessments and implement strategies to extend fluent readers
  • Online Resources: Access a suite of digital resources including training videos and examples of reading assessment records

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School-age (6 & above)
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