About Child Ed

Established since 1966, Child Ed specialises in the publishing and distribution of educational products and resources in Singapore. We take pride in producing school-based resources such as big books, picture books, instructional materials, music and reading programs, videos, etc. which we supply to a wide network of pre-schools and education institutions in Singapore.

To complement these unique products, we import a comprehensive range of resources including children's literature, educational aids, play equipment and more essentially classroom furniture, cots and cribs for infant care and early childhood centre setups.

As the company marks 57 years of success in serving those who serve children, we continue to be driven by our passion and enthusiasm to provide children with the most innovative and purposeful resources for learning and have also become strong advocators of best practices in early education in Singapore.

We are the appointed exclusive distributor for Reggio Children resources in Singapore and coordinate the Singapore delegation to visit one of the world’s best children’s programs in Reggio Emilia Italy every year.

We remain committed to excel in serving schools, children’s services and educational institutions in Singapore and all around the world



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