Sing Shake & Roll Music & Movement - Set of 4 Volumes

Sing Shake & Roll Set of 4 Volumes

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This complete set of 4 volumes of Music & Movement package specially designed for pre-schoolers is produced to assist pre-school teachers in music as a developmental activity for their curriculum. It comprises a wide variety of songs aimed at developing various motor and coordination skills among young children. The songs are developed around themes that relate closely to the children's experiences.

The complete Sing, Shake & Roll package comprises 4 volumes, which include 4 music books and 8 CDs.

Each song is accompanied by music scores and teaching notes identitfying relevant music skills to be taught, suggesting intrument to be introduced and helpful teaching hints to provide the teachers with ideas for further reinforcement of what children learnt. Provision of Minus one tracks (karaoke versions) provide great opportunities for children to sing-along.

Produced by early childhood consultant and experienced music trainer Mrs Jenny Kwek with songs and lyrics cleverly written by Dr Chua Hui Ling, who is well respected for her contributions in early childhood education both in Singapore and internationally, songs are written based on popular pre-school themes that are helpful for teachers to extend cross-curricula activities through music such as:

  • The Washing Machine Listen
  • Mr Postman
  • Lizards
  • My Pet Snake Listen
  • My Tricycle

Characters in children’s all-time favourite stories come alive as children dramatize and sing along with songs such as:

  • The Giant’s Song
  • The Little Red Hen Listen
  • The Wolf and the Red Riding Hood

To inject a local flavour to the enjoyment of music and movement for children in the Singapore pre-schools, children can enjoy and appreciate our festivals and celebrations with songs on:

  • The Chinese New Year
  • The Hari Raya
  • The Deepavali>
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