Read With Phonics: Consonants & Vowels Workbook

RWP Consonants & Vowels WB
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“Phonic skills give children the keys to unlock new words so that they can become independent readers more quickly. Read With Phonics equip children with phonic skills through stories, songs, rhymes and multi-sensorial activities”
Dr Chua Hui Ling, author and originator of Read Wtih Phonics

Read Wtih Phonics - Consonants & Vowels Workbook is recommended for second part of Stage 1 learning of consonants and vowels

Read Wtih Phonics helps children learn through a variety of engaging ways. The program endeavours to equip children with important basic Phonic skills through interesting, child-friendly, multi-sensorial materials and activities. The program employs rich visual cues, humour, music, rhymes and stories to create a rich language environment where children naturally develop the love for reading.

Read With Phonics package includes:
  • A Comprehensive Teacher's Package
  • Alphabet Seek-and-Say Visuals
  • Alphabet, Vowels & Digraph Flashcards, Picture Cards
  • Flip-and-Learn Book
  • 26 Alphabet Friends Story Books w/Narration CD
  • Teacher’s Guide Book
  • Sounds, Songs & Rhymes Audio CD & Song Book - Volume 1: Consonants and Vowels
  • Sounds, Songs & Rhymes Audio CD & Song Book - Volume 2: Digraphs, Blends and Short Vowel Families
  • 5 Read With Phonics Workbooks:
  • Consonants
  • Consonants and Vowels
  • Digraphs and Blends
  • Short Vowel Families
  • Let's Learn to Spell
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