Mini Unit Bricks Set of 72

Mini Bricks Set of 72

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With 72 pieces, our Mini Unit Bricks Architect Set is a complete building system ideal for tabletop play. Choose this as your first total building system, or boost an existing collection of Unit Bricks and blocks.Unit Bricks keep to Caroline Pratt’s proven scale, with one standard unit measuring 140 by 70 by 35mm, to fit snug in your child’s hand. The Mini Unit Bricks fit with this same scale (2 x Mini = 1 standard), so that each sized set works together to create a comprehensive building system. Unit Bricks also incorporate hand-carved grooves delineating unit measures, increasing exposure to geometry, measurement, symmetry, fractions and balance - plus running fingers along those grooves feels great.

Each Architect’s Set includes a comprehensive range of rectangles, squares, triangles and arches for complex structure creation and a rich environment for hours of open-ended play.

Each set includes: 10 Pillars, 4 Corners, 4 Half Units, 8 Units, 4 One-and-a-half Units, 8 Double Units, 8 Small Triangles, 4 Large Triangles, 4 Buttresses, 4 Gothic Arches, 4 Roman Arches, 2 Ramps, 2 Half Circles, 4 Quarter Circle Curves, 2 Circle Curves.

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